BIG - Bright Ideas on the Gulf Coast. That's who we are, what we want, and how we'll grow. BIG is an entrepreneurial concierge service that connects bright ideas with the right resources to stimulate new business growth in the Gulf Coast region. For idea generators who seek help growing their innovative idea or venture, BIG offers customized referrals to coaching, business planning, funding, and other support. No idea is too small for BIG. We harvest viable ideas from across the region and match them with the specialized assistance they need - in other words, we bring the right services or resources to you. Learn more about BIG and how you can participate. BIG is an initiative of Gulf Coast Community Foundation.


The Gulf Coast region attracts people with big ideas - people who innovate and reinvent. We are here to match you:

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Harvesting ideas and connecting them with the resources to launch the reality is why we're here. Our BIG team is focused on connecting the dots to accelerate business creation and development in the Gulf Coast region. Contact us to learn more about BIG or to register yourself or organization as a resource to support local idea generators.


BIG was inspired and created locally by bright minds. By students who wanted to stay here, but couldn't find the right niche to launch their ideas. By successful entrepreneurs who wanted to share their success secrets with others. By philanthropists who want to see a stronger and diversified economy. BIG is a smart idea that will launch our region confidently into the future.


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